Friday, April 22, 2011

Rolling....Rolling......Rolling in the Crib!

I was at a crazy, child-filled, Chuckie Cheese lunch today with some good friends, when I was asked a great question: "My 3 month old isn't rolling over completely yet, but I worried about her sleeping during the night. She moves away from the wedges we put her in and I concerned that she's going to roll over, get stuck on her belly, and not be able to turn her head. What should I do?"

Kennedy at 4 months, when she first learned to roll over.
That is a huge concern! When you your baby to bed, instead of laying her in the wedges, put her up against the side or the back of the crib (facing the way she typically likes to roll), then put a wedge on the other side of her. If you don't have a wedge, use a long folded blanket up against her. This will act as a barrier if she tries to roll. Swaddling her tightly will help her feel secure and she won't move around as much.

When the baby learns to roll over on her own, she'll chose to sleep on her back or roll over to her belly. Remember to remove all wedges, blankets, pillows, comforters and plush from the bed.

If you are still worried about the baby, remember if the baby rolls over during the night for the first time, she will fuss. It's not a comfortable or familiar place for her. I would give her more tummy time each day. She'll gradually build her muscles and learn how to support herself while she's on her stomach. Once you see her doing that, it'll ease your mind.

Kennedy slept on her belly from that day on.
My final thought on this is: If you are REALLY stressing and having anxiety about this situation, put the baby in a pack and play in your room so you can keep and eye and ear on her. When you feel better about her abilities to roll over, return her to her bed in her room. This is your child, that you are determined to keep safe and healthy. You have to do what you're comfortable with and what feels right to you. Trust your instincts. You are being a great, attentive mom.

Lots of Love,
Miss H

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  1. What happens when you find your baby standing on the bed with a remote in her hand??? Please help!